Google AdWords

Search marketing is becoming an integral part of campaign portfolios. The integration of Salesforce CRM Marketing and Google AdWords ensures that your search marketing campaigns are seamlessly executed and tracked alongside your other marketing activities.


Execute integrated search marketing campaigns

Execute search marketing campaigns as you would with any other campaign: from start to finish, you can create, manage and track right in the app..

Manage Google leads alongside all your leads

Leads from your Google campaigns are seamless integrated into Salesforce CRM, making it easy to manage all your leads in one spot.

Track leads generated from Google campaigns

Automatically track the leads generated from Google campaigns in Salesforce CRM so you can identify and focus on the keywords that generated the highest quality or volume of leads.

Follow Google leads through the pipeline

You can track the leads generated from Google campaigns through the complete sales process—from capture to close.

Identify your most and least effective Google campaigns

With Salesforce CRM, you can drill into campaign ROI for your Google AdWord investments, so you can focus your resources on the most effective keywords.